Winter – the time when the days get shorter and nights become longer. It’s the time of the year for holiday festivities and curling up next to the fireplace with a great book and hot cocoa. Unfortunately, winter is also the season of dry skin and hair and fashion faux pas. However, a cold grey day doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Here are some tips to make the best of the bitter cold.

Internal Beauty

Cliché but beauty starts from within so to combat dry skin, drink plenty of water and load up on omega-3s. Omega-3s are essential fatty acids found in foods such as salmon and walnuts which create healthy lipid membranes that help to retain water in cells. Keep in mind that caffeinated and alcoholic beverages dehydrate your skin and moisture is important for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Soothe Skin

During the winter months your skin needs extra tender loving care. The cold winter air slows down blood circulation in your skin, which can result in pale skin. Dry brushing before your bath helps stimulate circulation and tone your skin. When washing your body use an emollient-rich body wash and avoid products containing alcohol and sodium lauryl sulphate and bar soaps, which are dehydrating.

Speaking of washing, try not to linger in a hot shower. We get it–when it’s freezing outside, it’s tempting to turn your shower into a steam session. After about 15 minutes, the heat begins to compromise your skin’s lipid layer, a complex of fatty acids that holds in your much-needed moisture.

That leads us into moisturizing. To relieve parched skin, use emollients such as Jojoba, Almond or Argan oil and moisturize when your skin is slightly damp. Moisturizers that contain a lot of water can freeze on skin in the winter so make sure to apply it 30 minutes before heading outside. To create a protective layer and retain moisture on your face use an oil-based moisturizer, instead of water-based moisturizer. Prevent cracked fingertips and peeling nails by wearing gloves and rubbing cuticle oil on your nails. Lastly, to ensure your feet are in the best condition during “cuffing season,” soak your feet in warm, soapy water then buff the soles and moisturize followed by cotton socks to seal in the moisture while you sleep.

Healthy Hair

Anike Rabiu

Hair by Anike Rabiu

During the winter we look forward to white flakes falling from the sky.  But white flakes falling from your scalp, that’s just embarrassing. The cold wind can damage your precious strands and dry-out your scalp. Try massaging oil on to your scalp to combat dry, itchy scalp.

A hat head is dreadful enough to make you not want to wear a hat even in below freezing weather. One way to prevent a hat from messing up your ‘do is to make sure your hair is completely dry first—even slightly damp hair will dry flattened-out or leave dents underneath a hat.

The winter means freezing temperatures in place of warm sunny days; sweaty faces replaced with dry skin. Hello winter, goodbye dewy, glowing skin. Don’t fret, follow these tips and you’ll manage to save face in this weather chapping season

Featured image by Erika Szostak