Makeup is considered an art to many. There are always countless new products, trends, and styles coming in and out of fashion. Learning a fun new way to apply product or discovering a hot new makeup tutorial can be one of the best ways for every self-declared artist to stay in the swing of the season’s hottest looks. We’ve gathered a few of the most popular up and coming trends for you to incorporate on that next day you feel your look needs just a little something different to make sure you’re beat for the gods.



Matte lips and glitter eyeshadows had their moment, but now it’s time for glossy lips and lids to have their time to shine. This is a fun look to add to your makeup routine, and is a simple change that’s not overly dramatic. Try switching out your favorite lipstain for a gloss, or use a lightweight balm on your eyelids to give them a look that’s glazed in the best way. This is a great way to keep your makeup look exciting and fresh.


Full, Feathery Brows

While clean, defined, high-arched brows are still a staple of the makeup industry, full, feathery brows have quickly taken over the spotlight. Bold brows like this don’t require as steady of a hand as “fleeked” brows do, but they still offer a dramatic look. Try filling in your natural shape with a pencil, or using a clear or tinted brow to coat your natural brow hair and give them fullness and texture. This is the perfect look to try if you’re trying to let your brows grow out and fill in.



Bright Eyes

Bold, colorful eye looks have become a defining artistic element of many makeup artists. While many artists have taken to drawing creative pictures on eyelids using eyeliner, you can still have fun with bright shadows and eyeliners and use your own creative flair. A bright orange makeup crayon is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your eye and goes from day to night. White or colorful eyeliners take a look from neutral to popping with color in a matter of seconds. This is a look that is extremely versatile, and can be changed to compliment any outfit you’re wearing.



No Makeup Makeup

Although makeup can be fun to play around with creating fun, dramatic looks, the “no-makeup makeup” look has become increasingly popular. This can be created using lighter coverage foundations and concealers to let your natural freckles shine through, and using a mascara just to darken your eyelashes. Using a light makeup look like this is perfect for highlighting natural features, and bringing out your favorite facial features.

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