New year, new you – the notorious catchphrase that embodies the promise made across the globe by millions of people every January. Many resolve to improve their lives whether it be mentally and/or physically. However, according the University of Scranton, less than ten percent will actually stick to their resolutions. Come February, people often get sidetracked and their goals, unfortunately, fall by the wayside. If you are one of the ninety percent that has trouble following through on your resolutions we’ve got some tips to help you stay on track.

When you start thinking of your goals also thinks of potential setbacks so you can troubleshoot them in advance. Always assume that there will be distractions that will tempt you in the opposite direction of your plans. Having a fallback plan keeps you motivated to continue pursuing your goals. For example, if it’s snows on the day you planned to go for a run, you might have a back up plan to follow along with a workout video at home; this way you don’t lose momentum from your commitment to exercise more. Better you think of an obstacle rather than deal with it in the moment.

Share your goals with people, even if it’s through social media like starting a blog to keep everyone updated. By going public with your goals you’ll feel more obligated to see it through. Your friend, family and followers will reinforce your progress by keeping track of your progress. Not only will you have a circle of people that will hold you accountable but also a source of support as you’ll get many words of encouragement.

Staying motivated can be very difficult. Try thinking of small rewards in advance for your accomplishments. Ice cream for writing a chapter weekly for that book you’ve been procrastinating on for years? We think you’ll find yourself less likely to encounter writer’s block! Instead of focusing of the process to get to your end goal think about the reward and you’ll find it a little bit easier to fight temptation.

Featured image of model Ese Otobo