If you were waiting for a sign to make that dramatic fall chop: this is it. With a new upon us, there is no time like the present to make that big change and try out a new hairstyle. Whether you know exactly what you want or are looking for ideas of fun new styles, take inspiration from some of our talented stylists at The Fashion Collective and find that new style that makes you feel like a brand new you for autumn.


Give Your Hair A Break.

Go back to your roots. Literally. If you’ve been wanting to give your hair a break from heat and dye, now is the perfect time since you’re not fighting with the summer humidity or worrying about protecting it from UV rays as much.


Dark and Layered.

Complement those olive and plum tones in your fall wardrobe with dark layers. If you’ve never gone dark before, try staying within 2 shades of your natural color the first time to see how your hair takes the dye. This is the perfect look for someone who’s in love with their long hair and been dying for change, but doesn’t want anything too drastic that takes off length.





Bobbed Beauty

A textured bob like this is the perfect look if you’re looking to try something new, but don’t want to take off too much length. Ask your stylist to give you some slight layering for a textured look that is low-maintenance and cool. This is the ideal style for those breezy fall days you spend sipping coffee in the park.






Although many think about going light in the summer and darker in the winter, why not break tradition and do the opposite? Add some highlights to your base, or go for an all-over white blonde look like this. While it may seem like a bit of a process to get to a silvery shade, with the right stylist, it can be done in a couple sessions.




Sharp Pixie.

If you’re not afraid to do go for the bold, shock the world with a fabulous pixie cut. This is a look that can compliment those with angled faces and fuller cheekbones. Take a chance and go for an exciting, fun cut like this that’s sure to turn heads.


Whether you’ve got an elongated face and can rock some straight across bangs, or you prefer softer, feathery bangs to compliment your middle part, there’s a bang style that can compliment every hairstyle. This is ideal if you want to make a change that seems dramatic, but isn’t too big of a commitment; they’re easy to style, and are easy to grow out when you decide to move on to your next hairstyle endeavor.

Featured image by Jerrie Rotimi

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