Your mane is your crown and glory. You can tie it up, curl it down and just about anything to switch it up. The perfect hairstyle can make or break a outfit. So it only makes sense to treat your hair with care. We’ve got you covered to help the strands that  frames your face stay healthy and lustrous.

Stimulating your hair follicles is a small step towards healthy hair. Natural oils can add that extra boost to your hair’s health. Try peppermint and eucalyptus oil for a tingling sensation that will increase blood flow to your scalp. They also prevent infections with their antifungal properties and limit clogged pores from residue buildup. By massaging the oils into your scalp you will allow blood to circulate and deliver nutrients to the follicles. Do this before a shampooing and your hair will thank you.

Washing your hair is a basic necessity for healthy hair. Having the right shampoo can make all the difference. To avoid dry hair and split ends, make sure to purchase shampoos that do not contain SLS and SLES. It goes without saying but you must condition after shampooing. Just like you moisturize your skin, conditioners moisturize your hair by creating a hydrating seal. This protects your hair from breaking. Curly and kinky hair need extra love since curls make it difficult for the natural oils produced by the scalp to travel down the strand. The result is dry, brittle ends if not moisturized daily. Try washing with conditioner only (“co-wash”) to boost hydration without stripping it of moisture. Just be careful not to over-moisturize; too much of anything is never good.

A trim can be a frightening thought when trying to grow Rapunzel hair – we’ve all experienced the hair stylist with the overzealous scissor hands! Damaged hair, such as split-ends, must be trimmed regularly. Avoiding those trips to the hair salon may end up costing you three or more inches of hair.

They say beauty comes from within, well the same applies to your hair. Nourishing your body with nutrients promotes healthier hair. That means eating right, drinking water and exercising. Taking supplements is another way to nourish your hair from within. For example, biotin helps strengthen hair and retain length.

Just like there isn’t a fountain of youth, there isn’t a secret treatment to grow your hair to the floor in one day. However, these simple tips can keep your hair healthy.

Featured image of models Janine Tondu and Danielle Ehlers and hair styling by Tamara Laureus