When deciding to live a healthier life, working out and eating right are probably at the top of your list. But what about the health of your skin? We have compiled some essential skincare tips to keep you glowing this year.

Daily Essentials

The first rule of skincare? You’ve guessed it – wash your face before going to sleep.  Breakouts and enlarged pores are a result of a build up of dirt and debris and makeup left on overnight. When you’re ready for bed you might be too tired for a nightly routine so try washing your face right after you get rid of that bra. The second rule of skincare is to always wear sunscreen – even when the sun isn’t shining. Wearing SPF of at least 30 is necessary to prevent skin cancer and premature aging from UV radiation. Don’t just stop at the jawline; your hands, neck and decolletage need love too.

The Basics

Pimples aren’t only caused by bad eating habits and stress. Your pillowcase could be a factor since it carries pimple-causing bacteria. To prevent skin irritation you should change your pillowcase twice per week. Your makeup brushes could also be  a problem. Bacteria can build up on your brushes if you don’t wash them consistently.

Daily Battle

Did you know that your skin fights the environment every day? From air pollution and the sun’s UV rays to even the blue light radiating from your laptop, your skin goes to battle constantly. When building your skincare regimen, make sure to include serums that support the skin’s lipid barrier. It’s important to purchase products that help build up the skin’s defenses in order to fuel skin functions and maintain hydrated, healthy skin.

Being healthy means taking care of yourself inside and out. Just like you would get an annual physical, you need to get a full-body skin exam. Following these tips will help prevent premature aging and your future self will thank you.

Featured image of Amina Jajua