One of the most anticipated announcements of every fashion aficando’s year has finally arrived: Pantone’s Color of the Year. Pantone announced 16-1546 Living Coral as the color of the year – “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” The color brings a refreshing, bold, and more relaxed shade than 2018’s Ultra Violet. With the highly-anticipated announcement of the trendiest color of the year, we’re here to help you bring out your inner beach vibes with the “vivifying and effervescent color” to your wardrobe.

Ocean eyes.

Find a bold pair of coral shades to accessorize all your fabulous outfits with a punch of the color. Sunglasses are an easy accessory that you can wear with any black or white coat. This is an easy way to incorporate the fabulous color no matter the season.

It’s in the details.

If you’re in search of a more subtle way to rock this ocean-inspired color, find garments that has it in the details. Try a blouse or romper with coral details within flowers. Find a blazer with coral detailing, or replace boring buttons with your own cute coral-colored ones. This is the ideal way to wear the bright sea color in a subtle yet sure way.

Bring out your inner mermaid.

To really bring out the ocean inspiration of living coral, channel your inner mermaid and pair a contrasting top or bottom with the flirty color. Blue, bright green, lilac, or pink are just a few examples of the colors that could be paired with a coral sweater or skirt to create a mermaid-esque look. If you find a garment that sparkles, you can create a magical look that is sure to wow.

Cosmetics are key.

Makeup and nail polish are a fun but more discrete way to wear the new color of the year. A coral pedicure can be the perfect way to rock this ocean tone during the cold winter months. Try a coral lip gloss or stain for a kiss-and-tell way to flaunt the color year-round. When playing with cosmetics, there are endless options to incorporate this beautiful color into your daily looks.

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