Thrifting is the perfect way for fashion lovers to find unique, fun finds. One person’s spring cleaning can become someone’s new favorite wardrobe piece. Often, thrift finds can be cute… but lacking something. To help you make the most of your thrift haul, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you upgrade from drab to fab with just the smallest of tweaks!

Bedazzle or embroider.

You may think of these techniques as old-fashioned but this is a great way to spin retro-inspired styles into a modern look. With denim you can add some jewels or hand-stitch words or patterns. Bedazzling the shoulders of a denim or leather jacket will create an edgy and chic look. Don’t feel like you need to be a professional to do this — embrace your inner creativity and have fun!

Tailor it.

For those of you who are a little more adventurous, tailoring thrift finds can completely change an item for the better. Shorten a skirt or the sleeves to fit your personal style. Pants that would be perfect if they fit just a little better? A tailor can fix that problem quickly. You can easily take in a dress or rip out those too-big shoulder pads to upgrade the look. Since you’re saving money by shopping at thrift stores, don’t be afraid to invest in the garment and make it fit your style better.

Cut or rip it.

Add texture to your thrift find with a raw edge or ripped look. Cut an old t-shirt into a crop top with an unfinished hem. Take a pair of jeans and rip them for a distressed look, or cut them into a pair of cutoffs with frayed bottoms. Don’t be afraid to take a pair of scissors to the clothes — just remember to start small because you can always add more, but you can’t undo the cuts.

Paint or dye.

Found an adorable pair of shoes but the color is a little off? If the material is patent leather or similar, don’t be afraid to paint the surface. Try tea-dyeing white fabrics or dyeing it a bright color to show a little more personality. Simple things like letting a cute garment sit in dye for a period of time can upgrade any thrift find in an instant.

Featured image photographed by Fabio Piemonte

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