In the cold winter months, knitwear is the key to keeping warm. There are many ways to bring this cold-weather favorite into your outfits. Read on to find our favorite ideas on how to incorporate this cozy fabric into your wardrobe.

Don’t fix what’s not broken.

Sweaters may be the first obvious knitwear item that comes to mind — and that’s a good thing. Try changing up your typical winter sweaters by trying a bold new color, or a cropped option. Just because you’re wearing a sweater to keep cozy doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Think outside the box and try different styles with jeans, leather pants, skirts, or layering them with dresses for a look that’s trendy all season long.

Knit tights are cozy and cute.

Not only are knit tights warmer than typical thin sheer nylons, but they offer depth and texture to an outfit as well. Try a black, grey, and navy to pair with endless outfit options. These are staple neutrals that can match almost any outfit — whether you choose an outfit full of color and print or a more subtle and relaxed color palette.

Scarves are a style statement.

Scarves are the perfect way to not only keep an extra layer to your winter outfits, but they also add an element of style. Whether you choose a lightweight option or a more chunky knit, there is an array of styles that can pair well with every outfit. Regardless if you choose a standard scarf or the infinity, scarves are the perfect layering item for the blistering cold weather.

Try something less conventional for a stellar look.

There are some fun, bold ways to bring to rock knitwear. Boot warmers or high-knee socks are the perfect peek-a-boo look to add a little touch of knit while keeping warm. Try a knit bag for a wintertime accessory that will hold all your necessities and add a trendy flair. Don’t be afraid to think big and add a touch of this wintertime favorite wherever you can.

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