Eyebrows can be one of the most distinct features of your face; they help define your look. However, they are tricky to perfect if you don’t know how to shape them for your face. Here, we’ve got all you need to know for bold, beautiful brows.

Know the lines.

When shaping your brows, it can be difficult to know exactly where to tweeze. A good guide to follow is to use the outsides of your nose as the point where your brows should stop in the center of your face. The end of your brows should go no farther than if you held a pencil diagonal from the edge of your eye up to your brow. For the arches, try to shape them up slightly past where the outer whites of your eyes are. These tips are the best ways to create brows that will compliment your natural features.

Don’t over-tweeze or shave.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is over-tweezing or shaving your brows. Over-tweezing will cause the hairs to permanently grow in sparsely – or possibly not at all. Using a razor on your face can cause irritation, as well as a compromised lipid barrier. To keep your brows looking flawless, when in doubt, fill in your eyebrows to know what hair is out of place before you tweeze and do irreversible damage.

Know your tools.

You must know your tools in order to create the perfect brow shape. For doll-like brows, the pommade is a great tool – but one that requires a steady hand. Brow tints are a good option for the girl-on-the go because they last around a week. Pencils and powder are a great option to fill in lighter areas and define the arches. Brow gels are the go-to if you’re looking for a natural, quick option.

Find the right color.

Finding the right color for your eyebrows is important for a look that suits your face. A good rule to follow is to use a shade two tones lighter than your natural hair color. Don’t feel restricted to this rule, as some may prefer using a darker tone than their natural color to rock a bold, fierce brow. No matter what you do, your brows will undoubtedly look fabulous and chic.

Featured image hair and makeup by Safiyah Nimrah

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