With the holiday season approaching, so comes all of the holiday parties. Which raise the question, “What do I wear?” Should you dress in festive holiday colors? How do you plan for cold weather and still dress in cocktail attire? We’re here to help you dress for all of your holiday parties.

What about the colors?

When attending a holiday party, it can be difficult to decide what color to wear. Should you stick to a festive scheme? Are you allowed to wear pink to a Christmas party? While we like to say there are no rules to fashion, it’s never a bad idea to stick to a theme when you have doubts. Green, gold, silver, red, or white are all never-fail colors for the holidays so you can’t go wrong with any of these.

When the weather strikes…

The weather can be one of the most difficult aspects of trying to dress for a holiday party. Temperatures too low for that red satin dress or scared the snow will mess up your heels? There’s one simple solutions: skip the subway. If you spent too much on gifts and can’t afford to splurge on a cab you can add layers. As for your shoes, try protecting them with weather-proof applicants or wear your snow boots to the venue, and then change into the ones that go with your outfit.

Don’t be afraid to sparkle.

Lights on the tree, candles flickering, and shiny tinsel are all elements you can take as inspiration for a holiday outfit. Get into the holiday spirit with a sequin dress or sparkling accessories. There’s no time like the holiday season to embrace a little extra glitter and rock a fun, festive outfit.

Consider the occasion.

You might not dress the same for an office holiday party as you would for a New Year’s black-tie event. There may be more casual events where it’s okay to break out your ugly sweater. Take into consideration where the event is taking place, and who will be in attendance. Have fun and dress festive if it fits the occasion!

Featured image styled by Kade Henderson

Fashion and coffee enthusiast. When Kassidy isn’t out exploring new coffee shops and museums in NYC, she can be found writing about everything fashion related.