New York Fashion Week, the city’s most glamorous event, is right around the corner. With the streets flooded with models running from show to show, bloggers dressed to the nines, and of course designers’ showing their latest collection, fashion week is something to look forward to. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t invited to attend so we’re going to let you know what you’re missing out on.

Fashion Week is Really Fashion Months

A week of fashion starts in New York, followed by London, then Milan and finally a week in Paris; making it really a fashion month. Let’s not forget the fashion weeks in other countries such as Tokyo, South Africa, India, Dubai, New Zealand  and many more. There are months of planning prior to a runway show from design, production and collection coordination to press and invitations to months of venue searching and even weeks of set, music, and lighting design. After the show, the work doesn’t stop there. There is cycling through all the content on social media and then pitching with different kinds of outreach to sure the designers’ stories come through. After fashion week the work doesn’t stop as designers start getting ready for the next season.

It’s Not All Glamour

Fashion week is more than just models strutting down the runway in fabulous gowns. Designers spend an average of $460,000 in presenting to buyers and editors their creative vision to sell to stores and be featured in magazines. Months of planning and preparation go into a 15-minute show that has many moving parts. The spotlight is usually on the designers, models and celebrities in the front row but there is an entire team working long hours behind the scenes. The team can include hair stylists, makeup artists, publicists, fitters, dressers, model wranglers, garment handlers, photographers, interns, volunteers, and various other professionals that are all backstage working to make a designer’s vision come to life. Designers may have 40 looks with 20 models – half of which just came straight from Tom Ford’s runway – that have 10 seconds to get ready. Now you can understand why the backstage of a runway is infamous for being hectic!

You Must Feed The Models

Despite the famous saying “don’t feed the models,” designers make sure their models are fed and hydrated. During fashion week, models are moving show to show with no breaks in between other then when they are in a makeup chair. Each show is catered with water, soda, tea, coffee, veggies, assortment of fruits, sandwiches, bagels, pastries, cheese, snacks, and cookies. And the models dip into everything; you’ll often see photographers interrupting their lunch to get a picture of them.

Are You On The List?

Fashion shows aren’t like what you see on tv where a person charms their way inside. A person might be able to fool an intern who doesn’t know any better but that happens once in a blue moon. As soon as you enter the vicinity security wants to know “are you on the list?” Remember, designers are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and work for weeks on the seating charts so it’s very important that the right people are at their show; and that sometimes may not include your favorite Instagram blogger – they might just get all dolled up to walk around Lincoln Center. So who really is on the list? The seats are 50% of Editors and press, 30% buyers, 15% are corporate and friends and lastly celebrities and socialites make up 5%. Now who gets the coveted front row seats is a different story.

Featured image photographed by Robbie Hunter