There is nothing that can ruin your day quite like a wardrobe mishap. Snagging your sweater, getting a run in your tights, or getting food on your white blouse are all seemingly small things that can greatly impact the way you feel about your outfit for the day. To help avoid a clothing crisis, we’ve gathered a few tips to help save your wardrobe in a pinch.

Keep a tiny sewing kit handy.

A ripped seam, no matter the size, can be a large stressor. Invest in a tiny sewing kit to keep either in your desk or purse. This way, if you find your outfit is quite literally coming apart at the seams, you’ll be able to do a quick stitch and give yourself peace of mind. Most kits come with 5 or 6 different thread colors, so you’ll be able to find a decent match to get you through the day.

Shout or Tide-to-go!

If morning coffee is an everyday essential for you, you probably know the terror of accidentally spilling a few drops on your beautiful white shirt. Cue clothing crisis as you head into your morning meeting. Shout wipes and Tide-to-go pens can take almost any stain out of clothing. Keep some handy to ensure no matter what may spill on your clothes, you can do a fast clean-up remain put together.

Just because you’re on the run doesn’t mean your tights have to be.

It’s almost inevitable you may get a run in your tights, especially with the colder winter months. This is one of the worst mishaps, as even the tiniest one can grow into the size of a continent. To keep a run from getting worse, use clear nail polish on the area to keep the fibers in place. This is an easy way to ensure your tiny problem won’t grow into anything massive.

Sweater snags are an easy fix.

Getting a sweater snag is just another one of those seemingly small mishaps that can have a large impact on your day. To avoid this issue, sneak off to the bathroom and pull the snag of your sweater from the outside to the inside. Use a safety pin or tie a piece of thread on a sewing needle to get the snag to flip around. The snag seemingly disappears, and you can continue on with your day like nothing ever happened!

Featured image styled by Jenn T.

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