Always in Style: Eliminating Waste

Trends may come and go, but eliminating your footprint on the environment will never go out of style. According to Earth Day, over 17 billion pounds of plastic ends up in the ocean each year. Imagine Willy evading the whalers and jumping over Jesse just to land in that! That image alone makes us want to reduce, reuse, recycle.

Reusable items in your daily life

If you buy a coffee three times a week, that’s 156 coffee cups that get tossed out in a year. Did you know that many  stores even offer a discount on your daily caffeine fix if you bring your own cup? If you have to use a disposable cup, opt for a paper cup that can be recycled instead of plastic that will end up in landfills. Also try metal straws, tote bags for your groceries and washcloths to remove your makeup as small swaps to lessen your impact.

Buy biodegradable when possible

The sanitary guideline of replacing your toothbrush every three months causes a large amount of plastic to end up in landfills each year. Instead of plastic toothbrushes, use bamboo brushes that will biodegrade and still leave your teeth squeaky-clean. Wooden soap dishes, paper shipping packages and paper packing peanuts are just a few other ways to add biodegradable items into your daily life.

Unplug and cut back

Leaving electronics plugged into the outlets still uses electricity – even if nothing is plugged into the other end of the cord. Flick off the lights when you’re not in the room or if there’s natural daylight. Unplugging will not only help cut back on your energy bill, but it will also decrease your energy consumption.

Save with transportation

If you live in a city that has public transportation, take advantage of it. In many cities including NYC, it costs less to buy an unlimited subway car than to make monthly car, insurance, and parking payments. If the weather is nice, ride your bike or walk! Small steps like these will help reduce your environmental footprint. It’s the little things that matter.

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